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homologous adj
1 having the same evolutionary origin but serving different functions; "the wing of a bat and the arm of a man are homologous" [ant: analogous, heterologous]
2 corresponding or similar in position or structure or function or characteristics; especially derived from an organism of the same species; "a homologous tissue graft" [ant: heterologous, autologous]

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  1. Showing a degree of correspondence or similarity such that it suggests a common origin.
  2. corresponding to a similar structure in another life form with a common evolutionary origin e.g. flippers and hands
  3. belonging to a series of aliphatic organic compounds that differ only by the addition of a CH2 group
  4. having the same morphology as another chromosome
  5. homologous blood donation
  6. That which is or are derived from the same ancestral structure, base or origination.

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Homologous may refer to:
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